Want a better benefits experience?

We are on a mission to help employers, employees and their dependents gain access to better benefits. Our platform, products and services are designed to make benefits less complex and more accessible. We provide benefits advice and HR technology designed to simplify access and advocacy right at your fingertips.

Our app is a mobile solution for boosting employee engagement in the benefit plans and general health & wellness information. Take your benefits mobile, and give your employees the security of having all the information they could need right in their back pocket.


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Lloyd Polmateer

Managing Partner

Corporate Values Statement

At the heart of benecurv’s mission is to partner with employers to design thorough employee benefit & risk management solutions.  We provide employees simple and easy access to details of employer-sponsored benefits through our mobile platform – a source of trusted information, support and employee advocacy. We support employer initiatives in helping employees and their families lead healthier, happier and fulfilled lives.

We have a laser focus on the employer and employees –  knowing everything else will follow. Our company values include trust, innovation, equity and respect. Trust founded on our approach to total transparency, professional recommendations, data security and compliance with HIPAA standards. Innovation as demonstrated by our unique approach to using our tech platform to serve important information and services to a global workforce with speed, scalability, efficiency and high availability. Equity in our approach to making benefits information easily available to diverse populations; and Respect among members of our clients, staff, community and people independent of their race, gender, class, and sexual orientation. We remember that “it takes a village” to get things done.

Benecurv App

The benecurv app is our flexible native app, with always up-to-date benefit information. The benecurv app bridges the communication gap between open enrollment and when employees need benefit information throughout the year. By using our mobile solution, integrating human resource content into the fabric of your employee’s daily lives, you can reach hard-to-reach employees, when other methods can’t compete.

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We are happy to schedule a walkthrough of our six-step process, our insurtech platform and review the employee/employer experience. Our goal is to demonstrate how benecurv will give HR back some of their valuable time.